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Resilience Salt Cells
Replacing your Resilience - Nexapure Salt Cell  -  Call on USA's most trusted salt cell supplier

 Leading The Way In High Performance, Cost Effective Salt Chlorine Generating Cells 

Generic replacement salt cells to suit Resilience chlorinators a fraction of the cost. Built with superior USA plate and have  5 year warranty.


Simply select the Resilience salt cell you require and place your order online – then, simply await the delivery of your product. All of the products we supply are shipped direct to your door, cutting costs on the middleman – again, saving you money! The Resilience salt cell replacements are at least as good as the items they are replacing, hence our commitment to providing a 5 year warranty with every item we supply. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and we are committed to making sure our clients leave happy - with, you can buy with confidence.

Generic cells at a fraction of genuine cell prices. Made with superior US plate. We supply 15-20,000 salt cells worldwide annually and pass on the savings of our enormous buying power to our customers.