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Zodiac / Clearwater LM3-15 Replacement Salt Cell  

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 A non-genuine replacement for the LM3-15 self clean cell. Long life USA titanium plates. 5 year warranty.   

7 Blade 3.2"  Long 



Product Highlights:

Affordable Prices – Our Gold Series generic cells save you money and are a great alternative to expensive OEM cells.

 Shipping Guarantee – 24hr dispatch.

 Clear Cell Housing - View chlorine production and check for scale build up at any time.

No Tools Required - All our Gold Series cells are plug & play that simply install into the existing plumbing with no cutting or gluing required.

 High Performance Electrodes - Our Gold Series cells all use high performance long life Titanium electrodes with a specially formulated Platinum and Iridium coating.

 Eco Friendly - Salt pools require less chemicals and eliminate the need for liquid chlorine.


 5 Year Warranty - All of our Gold Series cells carry an industry leading 5 year  warranty.


Generic cells at a fraction of genuine cell prices. Made with superior US plate. We supply 15-20,000 salt cells worldwide annually and pass on the savings of our enormous buying power to our customers.