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Clearwater B200/270 Replacement Salt Cell

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A non-genuine replacement for the B200 standard cell. Long life USA titanium plates. 2 year warranty.   

7 Blade 6.5" Long 

The US market is being flooded with cheap salt cells from CHINA and most suppliers and distributors are supplying these cells to pool shops and the general public.

Issues relating to these cells and our drive to offer good, reliable products have resulted in Nova Chlorinators to no longer supply these products.

Our commitment to you is we will only supply Australian or US made cells using commercial titanium plate from USA which has consistently produced the best material in the last 25 years. These cells have 10,000hr expected life where as the downside of cheap cells is a shorter lifespan.

Due to our huge presence and buying capacity we have been able to negotiate lower prices so we can match the prices of these cheap cells but provide higher quality of the Locally made cells.